Silver Sol and Joint Pain During Workouts - Part 3

Spring is fully here, and with it comes the desire to get outside and move. Don’t let joint pain hold you back in this beautiful time! We provide Silver Sol supplements created to address joint pain specifically, because we are dedicated to being your closest ally when it comes to joint health.

When you are smart about your workouts in addition to taking our supplements, you will get the best results. In our last blog, we shared some tips for working out, including warming up right and being aware of your range of motion. Today, we have two more tips for you!

Be open to different types of cardio

There are so many different ways to work your heart! They all bring different levels of impact, and depending on how each affects your joints, some will suit you better than others. When you rank the most common cardio activities from most joint impact to least, it looks like this: running outdoors, treadmill, elliptical, upright bike, recumbent bike, and swimming.

Introduce props to ease pain

Exercises like pushups and planks can cause significant wrist pain. The good news is, pretty much any exercise can be made more comfortable. For instance, you can do planks on your forearms. You can hold on to yoga blocks or dumbbells to keep your wrists straight. Both of these solutions will preserve your wrists.

At One Silver Solution, we are on a mission to provide world-class silver sol products that improve people’s lives. Shop our premier selection today and enjoy the benefits!

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16th Apr 2016

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