Silver Solution and Joint Pain During Workouts - Part 4

Staying active is essential to your quality of life, but when you’re dealing with aching joints, it can seem easier to forgo working out altogether. Well, we have good news for you! At One Silver Solution, we have world-class joint care supplements. When you pair them with smart workout practices, you’ll find that staying active isn’t just easy, it’s a pleasure.

In our last blog, we shared two great tips for working out right, including trying different types of cardio and using props to decrease your pain. Today, we have two more things for you to try.

Change it up

Many aches and pains can be chalked up to overuse. When you perform the same exercises repeatedly, you weaken certain muscles, which forces the joints to take the brunt of the abuse. We recommend that you alternate high-impact activities like running with gentler activities like yoga to give your joints a chance to recover.

Adjust your weight

If your knees protest when you do lunges and squats, simply put your weight back on your heels. This will ensure that you’re not doing them on the balls of your feet and take a lot of strain off of your quadriceps and knees. When your weight is adjusted correctly, you will be able to wiggle your toes.

Don’t give up on your active lifestyle. No matter your age, if you’re smart about your exercise and take our supplements, you will be able to keep moving for years to come. Read more about how our silver solution supplements work and how they can give you unparalleled benefits. 

16th May 2016

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