Probiotic Maximum 60 Capsules. 5.75 Billion Organisms

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  • Probiotic Maximum 60 Capsules. 5.75 Billion Organisms
  • Probiotic Maximum 60 Capsules. 5.75 Billion Organisms
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Probiotic Maximum 5.75 Billion Organisms Per Serving


Probiotics are a supplement containing a complex of good bacteria (flora) which live in our intestine. This flora has several beneficial functions such as aiding in the absorption of carbohydrates which are then used for energy. The flora can also help with training the immune system and may help with the over growth of harmful pathogenic bacteria and regulating the intestines. The probiotic flora may also help in the absorption of vitamins from the foods we eat and supplements we take, and may help your body's natural production of hormones. Flora performs a multitude of tasks like many of our other organs. Many experts call it the forgotten organ of the human body. Taking One Probiotic Maximum may help promote the growth of good bacteria and possibly help restrict the growth of bad bacteria.



Supplement Facts
Serving Size 1 Capsule
Amount Per Serving
  Amount % Daily Value
Probiotic Bacteria  5.75 Billion *
DE111 Bacillus Subtillus    *
L. Rhamnosus    *
L. Casei    *
B. Longum    *
L. Acidophilus    *
L. Plantarum    *
B. Breve    *
*% Daily Value not established.
Other Ingredients: Vegetable cellulose, Maltodextrin and Medium Chain Triglycerides
**Potency at time of manufacture. This product may be kept refrigerated to maximize shelf-life and potency.

 These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

 Check out our Probiotics vs. Prebiotics blog post to learn more!

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5 Reviews

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    This Probiotic Rocks!!

    Excellent product. No fillers or harmful ingredients. I'm a magnet for harmful chemicals and ingredients. My body can pick up any bad ingredient by telling me with a reaction. This probiotic is clean and works perfectly well.

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    Works For Us!

    Very good, healthy

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  • 5
    Probiotic Maximum

    Good product, inexpensive, and reliable delivery.

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    A necessary nutrient

    With all the toxins and chemicals in our food and water supply now, our digestive system needs to try to compensate. This creates gas, upset stomach and bloating. This is another reason people that don't know the cause of these problems reach for an anti-acid tablet. This, of course, is only a band-aid and gives temporary relief. This product helps fulfill all the requirements for proper digestion and helped me with bloating.

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