The New and Improved Nano Silver Technology vs Colloidal Silver

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If you’re considering a liquid silver supplement to promote your natural health and wellbeing, Nano SIlver is the perfect choice. Many people question whether taking silver is safe largely due misinformation spread across the internet by medical website brands who want you to think they are an authority on health and wellness but are far from what they claim to be. Silver has been used for better health by humans for centuries. Backed by modern science, a safer, more advanced mechanism for adding silver to your daily regimen uses a patented process to deliver real silver nanoparticles directly to your body in a stable solution. This eliminates potential hazards and complications while delivering unmatched potency. Learn more below about how our lab-tested silver can support your immune function.

What Is Colloidal Silver?

For centuries, colloidal silver has been the standard liquid silver supplement. Consisting of silver particles suspended in a liquid, it allowed individuals to easily take a desired dose, but care had to be taken. The heavy silver particles ⁠— much larger than modern silver nanoparticles ⁠— were prone to fall out of solution. Users had to shake up their bottle, redistributing the silver, in order to ensure consistent dosing. These silver particles were uneven in size, and often jagged in nature. Falling out of solution in the bottle merely resulted in sediment that needed redistribution. Inside the body, however, it could result in silver particles implanting in and building up inside the tissues of the body.

This potential for buildup is why some people believe colloidal silver is not safe. As the silver builds up it can cause several complications. Elevated silver levels can block absorption of some medicines. In addition, using more natural healing methods based on organic material or live cultures may not work. If the build up is too high, the risk for Argyria may increase. This left the skin blue, and the discoloration could spread to other organs. Extreme complications of silver toxicity could result in a myriad of other health complaints. Yet, there is a better, safer way to administer silver, and you can get the new and improved Nano Silver products at Silver Solutions USA.

How Nano Silver Is Different

By using state-of-the-art technology, researchers created a Structured Silver solution that is more stable than any colloidal silver. It starts with nanoparticles less than 0.1 microns in diameter ⁠— or about 1/100th the thickness of common kitchen cling wrap. This nanoparticle is coated in silver oxide and protects the silver particle, resulting in a smooth outer surface. The coated particle is then suspended inside water molecules to create the Nano Silver solution.

A diagram explaining the formation of Structured Silver

Because the resulting silver structure is so light and has only smooth edges without jagged protrusions, there’s nothing to force its separation from the water. Better yet, the smooth surface prevents silver from embedding in your body’s tissues. It passes harmlessly through your body, usually being expelled within 48-hours. This leaves no opportunity for a build-up of silver in your body to cause potential complications.

Because Nano Silver is stable, it’s also easier to formulate it into other products for customized natural body care solutions. This gives individuals the option to add silver to every step of their daily care regimen without having to wonder, is colloidal silver safe? This is because they’re using a silver supplement far beyond the limitations and capabilities of colloidal silver.

Popular Advanced Silver Products

As people look for ways to add Nano Silver to their lives, traditional dosage methods are being joined by exciting new evolutions in the products that make silver supplementation possible.

Oral Solutions - The most direct parallel to traditional colloidal silver, oral solutions are a popular way to use a silver supplement. Our original Silver Sol is the perfect entry-level product for those who want to explore the benefits of silver for themselves. Delivering 50mcg of real silver in every teaspoon, it’s a great way to get started. For those familiar with silver who are looking for a stronger solution, the ASAP Plus Nano Silver solution more than doubles the potency with 110mcg of silver in every teaspoon.

Adults can start with 1-3 teaspoons daily, while children should begin with ¼-½ teaspoon a day. Make sure to wait an hour after taking your supplement or take it an hour after eating, as it absorbs better on an empty stomach. Both of these natural formulas are designed to give you the immune support you need.

Hygiene Products - Nano Silver also helps make great hygiene products better. Our Silver Sol Soap is the perfect face and body bar. WIth ingredients to clean and nourish your skin, it helps ensure a healthy glow that you’ll love. Hand Soap is also available to make sure you can clean and moisturize your hands with ease. FInally, silver-powered shampoo and conditioner ensure your flowing locks have plenty of body and bounce while your follicles are gently stimulated and cleared. Because of the natural ingredients paired with real Nano Silver technology, your skin will feel soft, supple, and rejuvenated.

Topical Preparations - Silver preparations were a traditional part of bandage and poultice preparation in western medicine for many years. Our bandage-safe Silver Sol Gel lets you keep your wound moist with a gel that absorbs in minutes to minimize the appearance of scars. The 25% stronger Silver Gel OTC is an FDA approved Nano Silver gel designed to help wounds heal faster and better with 24ppm of advanced silver. Meanwhile for everywhere skin care, our natural Silver Sol Lotion lets you deliver silver straight to your body’s tissues with a no-film formula that nourishes and protects.

Premium Silver Products Delivered

We’re proud of the advances we’ve made for advanced immune support, health and wellness. Now you can experience the benefits of silver on your own, without the concern, is colloidal silver safe for you and your family to use. Colloidal Silver is the old, outdated way to take silver; Nano Silver is new and improved. Nano is how all our silver products are produced at Silver Solutions USA. If you have any questions, please feel free to email our Nano Silver experts at We are your trusted resource regarding the addition of silver to your health routine.

9th Aug 2019

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