24 ppm Silver Gel OTC. 4 oz Tube. Topical Wound Care and First Aid Management

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  • 24 ppm Silver Gel OTC.  4 oz Tube. Topical Wound Care and First Aid Management
  • 24 ppm Silver Gel OTC.  4 oz Tube. Topical Wound Care and First Aid Management
  • 24 ppm Silver Gel OTC.  4 oz Tube. Topical Wound Care and First Aid Management
  • 24 ppm Silver Gel OTC.  4 oz Tube. Topical Wound Care and First Aid Management
  • 24 ppm Silver Gel OTC.  4 oz Tube. Topical Wound Care and First Aid Management
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Help your skin heal naturally with our 24 ppm OTC Silver Wound Gel. Packed with the power of our Structured Silver nanoparticles, it has proven in standardized tests that it helps inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms. Give your body the support it needs to fight off infections while your skin heals.

Silver-Powered Wound Care

Whether you’re using it to heal damaged skin openly or with the aid of bandages, our powerful silver wound gel protects your skin so it has the opportunity to repair itself without exposing you to illness.

  • Powered by our patented Structured Silver nanoparticles, this OTC gel gives you a faster, safer way to use silver for healing.
  • Proven in tests to reduce the levels of Staphylococcus Aureus (staph), Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Escherichia Coli (e coli), MRSA and VRE, fungi such as Candida Albicans and Aspergillus Niger (black mold), and more.
  • Engineered for treating minor cuts, lacerations, abrasions, 1st and 2nd degree burns, and minor skin irritations.
  • Absorbs is less than 2 minutes, leaving your skin soft, supple, and not greasy.

Fight Infection Naturally

If you’re looking for a way to protect your healing skin the natural way, you need a silver wound gel. Call our customer service team at (972) 221-6161 if you have any questions about our premium silver products. Order your 24ppm Silver Gel OTC from Silver Solution USA today.

Directions For Use With Wounds:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water before touching the wound.
  2. Carefully clean the wound with soap and water or an appropriate commercial brand of wound cleanser.
  3. Dispense One Silver OTC 24 Wound Dressing Gel onto an appropriate clean applicator (such as a tongue depressor or gauze) in a sufficient amount to liberally cover the wound. Cover the gel with an appropriate secondary dressing cover such as a gauze bolster, dressing wrap, film or non-woven adhesive secondary dressing.

Changing The Dressing:

  1. Carefully remove the secondary dressing from the wound.
  2. Residual One Silver OTC 24 Wound Dressing Gel may be removed with the cover dressing.
  3. Follow instructions above to re-apply the gel.

Frequency Of Change:

  • One Silver OTC 24 Wound Dressing Gel should normally be changed every 24 hours, but the frequency will depend on the type and condition of the wound.


  • Consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns or questions about the wound.
  • Be alert for signs of wound infection, including:
    • Pus or cloudy fluid draining from the wound
    • Increased redness around the wound
    • Wound has become extremely tender
    • Increased Pain or swelling 48 hours after the wound occurred
    • Onset of fever
    • Wound has not healed within 10 days from the date of injury
  • One Silver OTC 24 Wound Dressing Gel is designed for use on any part of the body except for oral and ophthalmic use. Consult a healthcare professional before using the gel in any other manner.
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129 Reviews

  • 5
    One Silver 24 Wound Dressing Gel

    Posted by Dreama L on 12th Sep 2019

    One Silver 24 Wound Dressing Gel is the BEST nonprescription gel on the market. I just bought this a couple of weeks ago. A friend called me saying they were burning something in their yard and he accidentally tried to move the object that was on fire. He did not think that the object had caught fire. He fried all of his fingers I am amazed at how fast it heals scratches, scrapes, bug bites, shaving accidents and burns! This gel saved my friend hundreds of dollars! Hats off to One Silver 24 Wound Dressing Gel!

  • 5
    One Silver OTC 24

    Posted by Marilyn on 10th Sep 2019

    I first started using this silver gel for my skin. Mold contamination caused horrible break out of scales. The silver tamed the intensity of the itching.

    However, now I am using it on my toothbrush and on my floss picks to help keep the bacteria down in my mouth and off my teeth. It helps my teeth stay squeaky clean

  • 5
    Wound Dressing Gel

    Posted by Howser on 9th Jul 2019

    This is a great product for treating all kinds of wounds. Promotes fast healing and I have even used it on my pets with great results.

  • 5
    Silver Wound Gel

    Posted by Stacey on 4th Jul 2019

    Love this product. Would never be without it.
    My daughter accidentally poured boiling water on her hands while making iced tea. She coated her hands with the Silver Gel OTC twice over about 30 minutes. Took the burn out of the burn. Next day Absolutely no blisters or signs she had been burned. Made a believer out of us. Also have used it on accidental sunburn with amazing results. Great product. Love it

  • 5
    Wound Dressing Gel

    Posted by Frances on 3rd Jul 2019

    Great stuff! Went from sunburn red as a lobster and in pain to brown in 36 hours

  • 5
    Love This Gel

    Posted by Tish P on 24th May 2019

    I love this gel, it has cleared up a bad sore on my nose.
    I will be ordering more of this product! Love it cause it works!

  • 5
    Silver Gel OTC

    Posted by Susan C on 3rd May 2019

    I use this product for its anti-inflammatory effects after total hip replacement. I do not know why it works, only that it does. I am so grateful for it.

  • 5
    Wound Dressing Gel

    Posted by Carol Ann G on 11th Apr 2019

    This is a must in my medicine cabinet. I have a couple occasions to use for multiple months to effect healing. Better than taking antibiotics which upset my gut flora.

  • 5

    Posted by Tryingtohelp on 9th Apr 2019

    Helped heal bleeding hemorrhoids.

  • 5
    Super Amazing Product

    Posted by TONYA J on 8th Apr 2019

    I put some on my brothers dogs hot spot (really raw and bad).. next day completely gone. Amazing stuff for everything and everyone! Highly recommend ♡♡♡

  • 5
    Excellent Product For Any Type Of Skin Breaks Or Burns.

    Posted by Walt R on 9th Mar 2019

    I have been using this product and recommended it to family and friends for over a decade. We have used it to help heal radiation burns (cancer treatment) large cuts (hip replacement) and everyday abrasions.

  • 5
    One Silver Wound Gel

    Posted by Victoria G on 6th Mar 2019

    I used this gel on a friend's leg that was swollen and red with fever. From the very first time it was applied the fever and the redness started subsiding. This product is great.

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