Silver Solution and Joint Pain During Workouts - Part 1

Finding the time to stay active is a constant challenge, and when your joints hurt, everything becomes twice as difficult. At One Silver Solution, we are familiar with the challenges of joint pain, and that is why we offer several options, including Calcium Magnesium, MSM capsules, and more. These supplements give your body what it needs to repair and maintain your joints.

Though supplements are helpful, joint pain becomes more and more common the older you get. This is because the fascia that supports and binds our joints becomes brittle. The good news is, you don’t have to stop being active. We are going to use the next few blogs to share valuable tips for preserving joint health during workouts.

Use a foam roller

Fascia become brittle and painful because they dry out. The best way to fix this is rehydrate them! When you gently compress your joints with a foam roller, you stimulate the fascia and helps move fluid back into them. Roll before or after your workout, and research shows that your joint pain can reduce by half.

Stretch after your workout

If you don’t stretch after your workouts, your joints will pay the price. Tightened muscles inhibit range of motion, which puts harmful pressure on already struggling joints. Take the time to stretch the major muscle groups after every workout, holding each stretch 20-30 seconds.

At One Silver Solution, we are dedicated to providing the very best silver solution products to improve your quality of life. Shop our joint supplements today!

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16th Feb 2016

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