Silver Sol 16 oz Family Size. Patented Silver Solution 10 ppm

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Silver Sol 10ppm 16oz Family Size

Powered by our patented Structured Silver nanoparticles, it’s the most advanced silver supplement available. Make sure you and your entire family has the 10 ppm nano-silver they need for better health with our Silver Sol oral solution. Get real silver, suspended in a silver oxide coating inside a water molecule to create a safer, more efficient way for you to add silver to your daily care regimen. Humans have recognized the antimicrobial properties of silver for hundreds of years, and now it’s available in a safe, effective solution.

Powerful Silver Supplement

Our family-sized bottle of Silver Sol is meant to give you and your family plenty of our 10 ppm nano-silver supplement for healthier, happier lives.

  • Each teaspoon delivers 50mcg of silver, with 96-teaspoons in every family-sized bottle.
  • Recommended starting dosages are 1-3 teaspoons for adults, ¼ - ½ teaspoon for children, taken an hour before or after eating.
  • You can safely increase this dosage as needed, because our Structured Silver nanoparticles do not remain in the body’s tissues.
  • Contains only deionized water and Structured Silver for a 100% vegetarian, gluten-free formula with no added preservatives, additives, or flavorings.
  • Store at room temperature for a 3-year shelf life from the date of manufacture.
  • Backed by science, independently lab certified and protected by US patents 7,135,195, 6,743,348, and 6,214,299.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Premium Silver Supplements

Get the best silver supplement on the market for your family. If you need additional information from our customer service team, call us at 972-221-6161. Order your 10 ppm nano-silver powered Silver Sol from Silver Solution USA today.

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114 Reviews

  • 5
    Silver Solution

    Posted by Terri K on 10th Jan 2020

    Everyone should have this in their home. I use it daily. I take 2 tsp. 2 x a day. Recently I got a bladder infection. I started to take more of the silver solution. 2 oz. 2 x a day for 1 week then back to 2 tsp. 2 x a day. The silver knocked out the infection. I also was drinking a lot more water. Everyone was telling me to take strong antibiotics, but I was going to trust my silver solution instead. It worked 100% and I highly recommend trying silver solution before you think of taking any toxic drug that hurts our wonderfully made bodies. Once you try it you will never want to be w/out it.

  • 5
    Colloidal Silver

    Posted by Retta R on 6th Jan 2020

    I can't take antibiotics, because I'm allergic to them. I was glad I found colloidal silver to use instead. I'm also glad that its made in the USA .

  • 5
    One Silver Solution

    Posted by Ralph G on 23rd Dec 2019

    Seems to work for me

  • 5
    One Silver Solution

    Posted by Consuelo J on 23rd Dec 2019

    A dear friend recommended for my husband's prostrate issues his water stopped and he had to get a catheter and had a massive uti. He had to take antibiotics but instead of taking a second round of antibiotic he took silver solution and has never felt better. Hoping it will continue to work because they want to schedule him for surgery but as long as the silver solution works he does not plan to have surgery.

  • 5
    Silver Sol

    Posted by Eve M on 18th Dec 2019

    Been using Silver Sol since 2011. Know the difference when not using.

  • 5
    Quick Relief

    Posted by Irene on 16th Dec 2019

    Works from young to older generations. Helps kills strep, sore throats and reduces colds and flu.

  • 5
    One Silver Solution

    Posted by Mike K on 2nd Dec 2019

    I had minor but irritating infections that would not go away. One on a fingertip and one on my foot. After taking one silver solution for 3 days the infections were gone. These infections had persisted for years.

  • 5

    Posted by Penny on 1st Nov 2019

    We have this in the house at all times. We were going away for our anniversary and the night before, my husband started running a high fever (103.2) at midnight with chills. He took a dose of the silver solution and by 7am he was fine. His temp was 98.2 so off we went (I took the silver solution with me). I’ve also used it on a friend that had pink eye. Drops 3 times a day in both eyes. In 3 days it was gone. The gel is wonderful too.

  • 5
    One Silver

    Posted by Linda on 5th Oct 2019

    Excellent. Works well for teeth issues, eyes, and ears. Always have it on hand. Use it daily.

  • 5
    One Silver Solution

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Sep 2019

    I'm a repeat customer because the product works; has staved off many a sore throat and colds, as well as Shigella.

  • 5

    Posted by Jeanne S on 26th Aug 2019

    Healthiest year I've had in years.

  • 5
    The Product Is Excellent

    Posted by Maria G on 17th Aug 2019

    My cat has had an eye infection that finally is clearing after I washed his eyes with Silver. I am thrilled!!!!!! All the drops prescribed didn't work.

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