What Is Silver Solution

Silver Solution 

Silver Solution is an immune support supplement consisting of deionized water and silver particles.  Silver has been known for centuries to have natural antibacterial properties.  There are many variations of this type of immune support supplement available today.  Our patented One Silver Solution uses the most advanced technology to generate Nano-sized particles.  We will get to the more technical side of things in our next blog.

We at Silver Solution USA believe in supporting your immune system.  We believe that sometimes there are healthier alternatives to the over-use and possible dangerous use of antibiotics.  We believe that our Silver Solution is the best silver product on the market. 

There is medical evidence that all of the antibiotics currently available are becoming less and less effective as bacteria become more and more resistant to them.  How does this happen? The answer does not have one simple response.  There is strong evidence to suggest that the rampant and irresponsible over prescribing by doctors as well as overuse and incorrect use by consumers contributes to the problem.  Physicians want to please their customers - the patients.  Drug manufacturers no longer strictly sell to physicians and hospitals.  Now there is a tremendous amount of advertising direct to the public.  People go to the doctor and they want whatever is wrong fixed as quickly as possible, of course we do, but a quick choice may not be the best course of action.  Patients mistakenly believe believe that taking an antibiotic will take care of everything.  It is no surprise that when a patient presents a set up symptoms, a physician too often prescribes antibiotics.  Many patients believe if anything is wrong, they need an antibiotic.  This can be dangerous.  Remember that the more one uses antibiotics, the less effective they become because bacteria will become resistant.  Antibiotics can be very helpful if they're not used carelessly.  Save this option for severe issues.  Be wise with your health.

Part 1.  To be continued

25th Oct 2018

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