What Is Silver Solution

Helping you live a more natural, healthier life is what Silver Solution is all about. At Silver Solution USA, we believe in supporting your immune system and that sometimes there are healthier alternatives to the dangerous overuse of antibiotics. That’s why we created our Silver Solution, the best silver product on the market.

Silver Solution

Silver Solution is an immune support supplement consisting of deionized water and silver particles. Silver has been known for centuries to have natural antibacterial properties. There are many silver supplements available today, but our patented One Silver Solution is what happens when advanced technology is used to generate nano-sized particles of silver, coated in silver oxide and suspended in water molecules. We will get to the more technical side of things in our next blog.

Antibiotics: Loss Of Efficacy

There is medical evidence that all of the antibiotics currently available are becoming less and less effective as bacteria become more and more resistant to them. This is what Silver Solution is needed to correct. Rampant over-prescription by doctors and a mixture of overuse and incorrect use by patients both contribute to the problem directly and by influencing microbial evolution.

  • Physicians want to make their patients happy, and patients are constantly bombarded with advertising materials in print, on the radio, and through their television. People ask their doctor for the trendiest new medication, listing the symptoms advertising primed them to express, and doctors are faced with fulfilling the request or losing the patient.
  • In addition, many people harbor the belief that, if anything is wrong, they need an antibiotic. Worse, some doctors believe that prescribing a common, gentler antibiotic as a placebo is an easy way to get a patient to go home and rest without a complaint that they’ve done nothing for the patient. The result is unnecessary antibiotics that do nothing to treat an ailment, but that will increase resistance to the antibiotic when it’s actually needed.
  • At the same time, this overuse is causing a shift in microorganisms toward bacteria that resist traditional anti-microbial efforts. Over sanitation and overuse of antimicrobials has led to the creation and spread of pathogens such as MRSA, a devastating strain of staph infection that is hard to prevent and treat properly.

Save The Antibiotics

Remember: the more one uses antibiotics, the less effective they become because bacteria will become resistant. When antibiotics aren’t warranted, a more natural aid to healing, like our Silver Solution, is what you need. Traditionally recognized for its antimicrobial properties, use of silver can help save your antibiotic exposure for when it’s really needed. Use of silver does not negatively affect a microbe’s resistance to antibiotics or your body’s tolerance toward antibiotic medications.

Antibiotics can be very helpful if they're not used carelessly. Save the antibiotic option for severe issues. Be wise with your health and order your products powered by our structured silver nanoparticles from Silver Solution USA today.

25th Oct 2018

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