Silver Sol and The Flu Part 2

In part 1 we discussed how a virus works in the human body and how your immune system reacts to defeat it using Killer T-Cells

Now, lets take a closer look at where most of the Killer T-Cells are stored and how they are released to defeat a virus. T-Cells are made in the bone marrow and then transferred to the lymph system to mature.
The name T-Cell is derived from the main lymphoid, the thymus. Most of your lymph nodes are located in your legs, armpits, and neck. Your lymph system has vessels that move fluid with the T-Cells around the bodies lymph system. Your lymph system does not move fluid like the blood vessel system. Your heart pumps its fluid through the blood vessel system. Your lymph system uses body movement to move the fluid throughout the lymph system. Staying active or exercising is crucial to a healthy balance of lymph fluid throughout the lymph system.
When a virus is detected, the lymph system will transfer the T-Cells into the blood stream so that it can attack the virus. One of the remarkable benefits of our patented Silver Solution is the fast absorption

directly into the bloodstream. While individual absorption times will vary, everyone should have an absorption well within thirty minutes. Silver Solution goes to work before T-Cells are ready to attack the virus. By taking Silver Solution as daily maintenance prior to contracting a virus, you greatly increase your chances of fending it off or lessening the severity of the virus.

8th Feb 2018

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