Silver Sol and The Flu Part 1

Silver Solution and The Flu Part 1:

Understanding how a virus works, what you can do, and what to expect if you become ill with a virus or flu is very important.

When a virus germ enters your body, its first objective is to attack and enter a cell. Once in the cell, it will start replicating and continue to do so until the masses of replication exceed what the cell can hold and the cell will burst. Each replicated germ will then seek a cell of its own and do the same.

If at a healthy level, your immune system can kill the germ before it enters the cell and/or while it is in the cell - if it detects it. In most cases it does. Using Silver Solution daily helps support a healthy immune system and possibly avoid these infections. When your immune system does not detect a viral infection early enough, the virus will spread throughout your body and you become ill. Your immune system stores 25 million to a billion different T-cells (members of the white blood cell family). Their job is to kill infected cells. The problem is that each T-cell is different and can only kill a specific germ. Your immune system also has Helper T-cells. The Helper T-cell's job is to identify the Killer T-cell needed to kill the infected cells. Once identified, your immune system will produce more of the needed Killer T-cell to defeat the specific virus. The virus has had a head start and your immune system is playing catch up. This is where the term or phrase "a virus will run its course" comes from.

Should you go to the doctor if you become ill? Absolutely, you need to identify what is causing the illness. What can you do if it is a virus? Give your immune system what it needs to help fight off the virus. The most obvious choice is Silver Solution. Lab tests show that Silver Solution can be helpful against many different strains of bacteria and viruses. Silver Solution is available in regular and extra-strength. Probiotics, Garlic, and Vitamin C are also great nutrients that support the immune system. A high quality Multi-Vitamin is also a good choice.

Be careful and wise - Do not misuse antibiotics. Antibiotics are not typically useful against viruses. Misuse and overuse of antibiotics has led to resistant bacteria strains according to the Center for Disease Control. If you give your immune system some extra support on a daily basis, your chances of fending off infection are greatly increased. Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly, eat nutritious food, drink water, get some good rest, and take Silver Solution.

18th Jan 2018

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