Leave These Nano Silver Myths Behind!

Silver offers huge health benefits, but it has been bogged down by myths. Unfortunately, these myths prevent people from making truly informed decisions when it comes to their health and the benefits our Silver Solution offers. Based on our patented Structured Silver nanoparticles, our Silver Solution products have radically improved people’s lives, and we are passionate about dispelling the myths surrounding silver for health so people can access its powerful wellness benefits.

In our last blog, we busted myths about silver supplements damaging human cells and hardening the arteries. Today, we have two more myths to shine away!

  • Silver Harms the Nervous System

    Though you may see many web news reports about this topic when researching the benefits of Silver Solution, you’ll notice that there aren’t any medical studies to back them up, and most studies you do find deal with an outdated form of silver supplements. A few isolated studies were done with colloidal silver in animal subjects that offered preliminary results that could not be replicated in later tests, a necessity when proving a scientific theory. No such tests have been done using Structured Silver, however, and the results would be far different.

    Our Silver Solution uses Structured Silver nanoparticles surrounded by a silver oxide coating. These engineered particles stay within the de-ionized water molecules of their solution. At the end of the day, your body easily excretes our silver nanoparticles once it’s received the benefits from the Silver Solution. It doesn’t harm the nervous system, because it’s gone within 48 hours.

    Older forms of silver supplements used colloidal or ionic silver. These particles have jagged shapes that easily fall out of solution with the water they’re carried in. This could lead to the metal implanting in the body, causing an array of potential health complications if not corrected. It is this very danger that led us to develop a safer, healthier way to get the healing power of silver without any of the risks.

  • Silver Prompts a Dangerous “Cytokine Storm”

    A cytokine storm is basically intense inflammation caused by an outsized immune system response to a perceived threat. A while back, an internet “doctor” claimed that colloidal silver would inflame the lungs. There was no real evidence of this phenomenon because it doesn’t occur. He took the false claim down, but not before the harmful lie had spread everywhere. Once something is on the internet, it’s there forever.

    The truth is, medical studies show that our Structured Silver nanoparticles actually reduce inflammation and could be used to help with cytokine storms brought on by other stimuli. Silver has been used for centuries to promote better overall health and wellness. Using Silver Solution helps promote a stronger immune system that is better able to fight off infection. As always, legitimate medical studies are the best source of truth.

Our products are of the highest quality, and you can always depend on them to provide you with the effective dose of Structured Silver nanoparticles your body needs. Leave myths behind and explore the Silver Solution benefits for yourself. Shop at Silver Solution USA today!

15th Aug 2016

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