How to Avoid Winter Weight Gain Part 2

Starting in January, the staying fit and healthy game can be very stressful. On one end, you have New Year’s resolutions. On the other end, you have summer and the stress of being fit for the pool or beach. In between, you have months of cold weather that makes it difficult to work out and stay motivated.

In our last blog, we discussed two ways to take control in the winter and stay fit and healthy. In this blog, we will share two more!

Handle Comfort Food with Care

  • Comfort foods can help you through winter gloom, but it can also backfire by going to your waist.
  • If you are struggling, take a minute to think about exactly why you are craving comfort food. Are you cold? Try some tea or a hot blanket. Are you getting cabin fever? Call a friend and work out together to help yourself to some endorphins.
  • You can still have comfort foods! Just use moderation and make smart substitutions.

Be Careful in Social Eating Situations

  • As we all know, many winter social gatherings involve sitting around and eating. It can be difficult to navigate these situations. Eating together is a valuable bonding experience, and it can be awkward to not participate.
  • Keep your goals in mind. Communicate them to your friends when possible. If everyone needs to bring a dish, bring something lighter that you can eat.

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8th Dec 2015

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