Homopathetic Health with Silver Sol

If you haven’t heard of using silver for health, you aren’t the only one. It’s a concept that many people are unsure about, but we at Silver Solution USA want to tell you how Silver Solution can help promote natural healing. We have many different products available, everything from skincare and soap to actual supplements. At Silver Solution USA, we’ve got you covered in all aspects of your life.

If you like to take a more homeopathic approach to your health care, Silver Sol is a great asset to have at all times. As one of the most powerful products we offer that provides silver for health benefits, it can help the management of many different ailments you could be experiencing.

Athlete's Foot

This is never a condition people want to deal with. Help yourself by spraying our Silver Sol on the infected area of your foot or applying a healthy layer of Silver Sol gel then allowing it to air dry. You can also saturate a clean sock with Silver Sol, and let it dry. The natural antimicrobial properties of silver will fight the accumulation of bacteria that can lead to a foul odor or spread the infection to other areas. By controlling the proliferation of bacteria on your infected skin and the areas it touches, you’re giving your body the help it needs to fight off the infection. You can continue this self-care regimen as long as necessary to find the relief from itching, irritation, and odor you’ve been desperately searching for.

Burns and Cuts

Getting a cut, a burn, or both is an unpleasant experience. It is an unsightly wound that you want to take care of immediately, so it doesn’t leave permanent scarring. Depending on your pain level, you can start caring for your wounds in one of two ways. The first way is to spray our Silver Sol right on the wound and leave it wet and uncovered for about 10-20 minutes. If you can handle the touch against the wounds, you can rub in a generous amount of the Silver Sol gel instead, let it dry completely, and apply a secondary layer. Silver Sol gel works with bandages, too. Just apply it to either the affected area or a clean, dry bandage, then apply the bandage like normal. Repeat this regimen this 2-3 times a day until the wound has disappeared completely.

Canker and Mouth Sores

These are uncomfortable and sometimes make you feel self-conscious if they are visible to others. To combat these mouth sores, swish one-tablespoon of Silver Sol in your mouth for approximately five minutes. Another method of promoting faster healing would be to place our Silver Sol gel on the sore directly. You want to use silver for these health procedures two-to-three times a day to see fuller, faster improvement of the condition.

For Minor Skin Irritations

Topical medicines can come with a lot of different side effects, some of which are worse than the relatively minor annoyances of dry skin or a rash. Often times, these can be managed without the use of chemicals or drugs by making sure your skin remains moist, supple, and well nourished. Our silver lotions and gels are formulated for fast absorption that leaves only silky smooth skin behind, not a greasy film. Just rub a generous amount onto the affected area. Each one is formulated with powerful silver for your health, along with premium oils or botanicals to help promote better skin wellness.

Better Health The Natural Way

Silver Sol and Silver Sol Gel can help with many conditions you may already be taking medication for. If you want to take a more natural, holistic approach to your wellness, Silver Sol is your solution. At Silver Solution USA, we pride ourselves on our products and know how much they can help our customers. Call our customer service department at (972) 221-6161 with any questions or if you need help placing an order.

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8th Nov 2016

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