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Silver Sol Combo 3-2 Value Pack. 3 16oz 2 Lg Gel.

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Silver Sol 3-2 COMBO Value Pack

Our two top sellers are now reduced when you order the 3-2 COMBO Value Pack. Three 16oz family sized Silver Sol liquid and two large 4oz ASAP 365 Skin and Body Care Gel. These patented health products are a must for every household.


Boost Your Immune System with ONE Silver Solution 10ppm

  • Backed by Science
  • Protected by US Patents: 7,135,195; 6,743,348; 6,214,299
  • Tested by certified independent laboratories


The Silver Sol Process Makes the Difference...


Through years of testing, our manufacturing team has been able to develop and patent a manufacturing process that created a much more stable silver product. This new silver technology created an engineered silver nano particle making it the best silver product ever created. This new technology is far superior to the older process known as colloidal silver. With both manufacturing processes, the silver particle is inside a water molecule. The older process creates larger particles or particles with jagged edges which cause the particle to break through the water molecule. When the particle breaks through, it can attach itself to tissues inside the human body. Over time, using colloidal silvers can cause a buildup of particles and may become toxic, similar to taking too much Iron and other minerals. This is not the case with the new patented process used with One Silver Solution. The particles are engineered down to nano sized particles with a thin multivalent silver oxide coating and do not break through the water molecule. This allows the particles to travel more efficiently through the body and will be flushed out within approximately forty-eight hours.



  • Patented Silver Sol Process
  • Powerful Technology Creating Advanced Body and Skin Care

One of the outstanding features of the ASAP 365 Silver Gel is its ability to help promote natural healing. Over 160 reports
and test have a
risen from numerous credible sources and humanitarian groups etc., where American Biotech Labs products
were being tested and used.

People are reporting incredible results with the products for numerous cosmetic applications. As the name denotes, we
feel this product is, in fact, T
he Ultimate Skin and Body Care product ever created. The Ultimate Skin & Body Care
product is a cosmetic gel product that "Helps Promote Natural Healing". The active ingredient is our patented Silver Sol at a
powerful level of 24 ppm of Silver. The
product is currently being used by thousands of men and women to help promote natural
healing and renew skin all over the body. It has already become a necessary
ingredient for many women's daily skin-care
routines, as it helps promote natural
healing and instantly makes their skin feel noticeably softer (within two minutes).
The product has some very specific advantages over regular skin care products:

  • Creates an almost instantaneous softening and rejuvenation feeling when applied to the skin.
  • Promotes natural healing and can be used on or in conjunction with any bandage already available in any first-aid medical kit.
  • Has no smell, no alcohol, and needs no refrigeration.
  • Will remain stable from 17N to 113N Fahrenheit.
  • Contains only food grade gelling additives.
  • It is not greasy and if rubbed into the skin, will absorb within two minutes, leaving the skin with a wonderful soft, non-sticky feeling.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


ASAP Silver Gel


 Product Reviews

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    Posted by Nancy on 9th May 2017

    I have been using Nano Silver now for over 10 years. I always have a bottle of silver sol on hand and also a tube of silver gel. I also give them away as gifts for Christmas and birthdays. I am 75 and the only time I have been to the doctor in the past 10 years was twice when I ran out of my liquid silver sol or forgot my grape seed which also helps against inflammation in joints. My husband got food poisoning and I gave him a shot of the silver and he was fine in two hours. If we think we might have come in contact with someone with the flu, we take silver and we are fine. I had a bad burn and put silver gel on it and it never blistered. I love this product. And the prices are very reasonable.

  2. Amazing Remedy

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Jun 2016

    My family and I love silversol. Can't recommend it enough. It helps with so many ailments. I've never found another natural product that compares. It is a staple in our home.

    Thank you so much and may you be in business forever!!

  3. All Purpose Safe and Effective Product

    Posted by Stan on 10th May 2016

    I regularly use the silver sol Gel and the Liquid products. Often I place the Gel on open sores and cuts for promoting natural healing. Within one or two days the wound is well on the way of restoration. I also place the Gel on deer tick and wood tick bites after the ticks have been removed. Protection and healing takes place with this Gel. I use the liquid for sore throats, sore/bleeding gums and nasal congestion. I would suggest these Silver Sol products be the first resort rather than traditional anti-biotic remedies.


    Posted by Unknown on 17th Mar 2015


  5. Awesome SilverSol

    Posted by K E S. on 27th Feb 2015

    SilverSol is a must! I wouldn't be without it. It saves trips to the doctor quite frequently.

  6. Silver Solution Helped with a Recurring Scalp Infection

    Posted by Emmanuel Gautreau on 2nd Feb 2015

    I had recurring Foliculitis (scalp infection) for a long time and my dermatologist treated it with both oral and topical antibiotics, but it would always came back within a few months or so. Finally, I began drinking a swig of silver solution in the morning and before going to bed at night, plus I used the gel on my scalp in the same manner, and it has not returned for over a year. Nothing else has changed in my daily routine or could otherwise account for the fact that the recurring infection has been eradicated. I strongly recommend this product. However, please be patient and understand that depending on the nature or severity of the issue, it may take a few months of daily usage to truly defeat it and stop it from recurring.

  7. Best product

    Posted by Lois on 14th Jan 2015

    I use this for all skin problems, and take 1 tsp daily to help with prevention of colds and stomach problems. The soap is the best i have ever used, your skin feels exceptionally clean after using. Love the Silver Sol products.

  8. Helps with Overall Health

    Posted by karen on 1st Dec 2014

    Whether infections in the gum, throat or wherever the health issue is silver will help take care of the problem.

  9. Great product, works like a miracle.

    Posted by Steve on 19th Nov 2014

    We have used silver for many years, for everything from soar throat to ear aches, boils. We wouldn't use anything else. We use Silver in place of antibiotics, this is a great product.

  10. Excellent

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Nov 2014

    Wonderful amazing product!!
    It is a real blessing to have this product. It is a gift for healing and support for overall health. Will continue to use this silver sol with my family.

  11. Best product to keep in your medicine cabinet.

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Oct 2014

    1 teaspoon a day of SilverSol keeps my white count up to normal. Without it my white count drops below normal. It's great if you get a stomach bug. Within 15-30 minutes of taking some Silversol the problem stopped.

  12. One Stop Shop for all that ails you

    Posted by theresea creasy on 20th Jun 2014

    It's a proactive preventative for what ails you and a proactive product for cell protection.

    I drink it ( and it's tasteless) I spray it on anything on my body, I gargle it, I use it for mouth issues, ear issues and I purify ours and the dogs water. It's safe for adults, children and babies w/o ANY side effects. To me, it's a miracle product and will always have it in my home.

  13. saves trips to the Dr.

    Posted by Richard on 31st Jul 2013

    We are raising 3 grand kids in our 60's & 70's. It boosts your immune system and helps keep infections, runny noses and colds down.

  14. Silver Gel helped heal wound when prescriptions would not heal!

    Posted by P.S. Bale on 12th Jun 2013

    A friend of mine had a skin graft on her leg that would not heal for over a year with prescriptions. I gave her the Silver Gel a month ago and her leg is beginning to heal. She will be ordering her own Gel.

  15. Exceeded my expectations - esp the gel

    Posted by Dale Wright on 11th Jun 2013

    burning, itching feet - gone. I really like the gel. Can't tell anything about the liquid yet, it's been 2 weeks. I've been reading and the only ones who don't like it are big pharmacy & some medical people. I will order again..

  16. fantastic stuff

    Posted by a.c.carter on 20th May 2013

    Had an ulcer under my big toe for 10 or 11 month.
    2 weeks of using ASAP 365 GEL and it is much better. Wife burned three fingers and put gel on them, no blisters, not even sore.

  17. Awesome products

    Posted by Unknown on 13th May 2013

    Used the gel first thing and problem cleared in 3 days!
    The gel and liquid are must haves in the medicine cabinet.
    Better results with no side effects.

  18. Great stuff

    Posted by T.G. on 21st Mar 2013

    Cold and flue season are a thing of the past. I take the maintenance amount morning and evening. When I feel the first sign of anything related to a cold, I take an ounce morning and evening and I am good to go.

  19. great stuff!!

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Mar 2013

    My son-in-law had an infection on his finger from a hangnail, we applied silver sol gel after having it lanced and giving it a day or so to heal, it was still reddened and sore-so we applied silver-sol gel and applied a band-aid and the next morning it was like nothing had happened. LOVE THIS STUFF

  20. The best Silver product ever

    Posted by Adeiza on 28th Feb 2013

    I am 78 years old and I am diabetic. I was with a problem very serious looked like candida, for 6 months. I tried a lot of pomades, etc...etc.. A friend told me to try Silver Sol, and the problem now is very mild, and I am not more itching, burning, inflamed as before.

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