Silver Gel Products

Silver Gel Products

Silver Care for Wounds

Silver has long been used to treat wounds, skin infections, and other skin afflictions. Let Silver Solution USA help you find the right silver care for wounds today!

Our silver wound care gels come packed with nano silver particles that fight off the damaging bacteria that prolong the healing experience. When using our topical gels, the silver particles combat the harmful bacteria, thus allowing the skin free reign to heal properly and quickly. The gel’s antibacterial benefits also ward off unexpected infections that can often occur in an open wound.

  • Silver Gel 20 ppm. 12 Pack of 4 oz Tubes

    Silver Gel 20 ppm. 12 Pack. Ships FREE to Any U.S. Address Silver Gel 20 ppmProtected by US Patents: 7,135,195; 6,743,348; 6,214,299 Patented Silver Sol Process Powerful Technology Creating Advanced Body and Skin Care One of the outstanding...