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Nano Silver

Nano Silver

What is Nano Silver? 
Through years of testing, our manufacturing team successfully developed and patented a manufacturing 
process that created a much more stable silver product.
This new silver technology created an
engineered silver nano particle; making it the
best silver product ever created. This new nano silver
technology is far superior to the older process,
known as colloidal silver. With both manufacturing
processes, the silver particle is inside
a water molecule. The older process creates larger particles with
jagged edges, which
cause the particles to break through the water molecule. When a particle breaks
through, it can attach itself to tissues inside the human body. Over time, using colloidal silvers can cause
a buildup of particles and may become toxic, similar to taking
too much Iron and other minerals. This is
not the case with the new patented process
used with One Silver Solution. The particles are engineered
down to nano sized particles with a thin multivalent silver oxide coating
and do not break through the
water molecule. This allows the particles to travel more
efficiently through the body and will be flushed
out within approximately forty-eight hours.

Patented Nano Silver Process

Experience the many benefits of Nano Silver!

Ag404 MOLECULE: A thin multivalent silver oxide coating, built of numerous Ag404 molecules, surrounds the metallic nano-sized silver core.


MORE STABLE AND BIOAVAILABLE: With the Ag404 coating, the nano silver particle is attracted to the surrounding water molecules, and as such, becomes part of the structure of the water. This makes the silver much more stable and bioavailable than other forms of silver.


MULTIPLE MODES OF ACTION: Testing has uncovered multiple modes of action by which the Metallic Nano-silver Particle functions. First, it has an ability to steal multiple electrons (compared to ionic silvers which can only steal one). Second, each particle is permanently embedded with a resonant frequency, which allows the particles to have a positive effect on things, without needing direct contact with them. Lastly, the particles also utilize a very useful electrostatic charge.




Ionic Silver is one of the most common forms of silver liquid found in the supplement industry today. Many are made by diluting chemical forms of silver, like silver nitrate, to a desired parts per million (ppm), which is then bottled and sold to the public.

Although ionic silver products have the smallest particle size, they are often the least stable and can easily fall out of solution.

Additionally, ionic forms of silver only have one mode of action. Once each silver ion steals its missing electron, it becomes neutral and is no longer useful.

Lastly, ionic forms of silver are metabolized, and as a result, can bind up in the body. Over extended periods of time, this build up could cause a skin condition known as Argyria, otherwise known as the blue man's syndrome.



Mild silver proteins are simply another form of ionic silver. The only difference being that, because ionic forms of silver are not generally stable and because they contain unusually large amounts of silver, they are sometimes bound to a protein.

The idea behind binding the ionic silver to the protein is to help make the product more stable than traditional forms of ionic silver, as well as, hopefully making the ionic solution more bioavailable.

However, as a result of this binding with protein, the silver ion is less functional and useful than traditional ionic silver ions. Consequently, higher levels of silver (ppm) are needed to obtain the desired effect.

Are you ready to start experiencing the many Nano Silver benefits? 

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