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Homeopathic Health with Silver Sol: Part 2


If you read our last blog, you saw how Silver Solution USA is the best place to pick up your Silver Sol and Silver Sol Gel. This product helps our customers promote natural healing with so many different ailments they may be suffering from.

Learn even more troubles that our Silver Sol helps with right here!

Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetes doesn’t just cause issues with blood sugar. It also affects your circulation, so it is imperative that Silver Sol be used when diabetics get cuts and scratches to help promote natural healing. When you are a diabetic, you tend to take more time healing from these ailments. But with our solution, you can help speed up the natural healing time.


Diaper rashes can make a baby miserable. Help them by using our Silver Sol to relieve their rash. Spread some Silver Sol Gel in the area where the rash is, leave wet, and place new diaper on the baby. With other types of rashes, our Silver Sol spray is a great way to cover the whole area of the rash. You may apply as needed.


Earaches, are painful and difficult to live with. They affect our abilities and our balance throughout the day. You may use Silver Sol in the ear canal. When using our Silver Sol product make sure you are lying down with the problematic ear facing up. You want to fill up the ear canal. Once the solution is in your ear, lie there for about 20-30 minutes. You want to repeat this process about three times a day.

Eye infections

Eye infections are problematic because they usually impair our vision in some way. Silver Sol has no damaging effects when placed within the eye. Silver Sol can be used in children as young as newborns if necessary. You can either spray the Silver Sol directly into the eye, or use it in a drop solution. Try using Silver Sol at least twice a day.


The flu can put you out of commission for at least a week at a time. It affects your whole body from getting cold like symptoms, feeling weak, and having the chills. Combat these symptoms by boosting your immune system with Silver Sol at least twice a day. Preferably, gargle with the Silver Sol in your mouth for at least three minutes. If you start taking your Silver Sol when you first start feeling your symptoms it will help your immune system fend off a severe case. If you have waited until the flu is in full effect, it will take a more extended time frame. If you have a fever accompanied with your flu, increase your dosage to every hour. Our Silver Sol can help your immune system combat many different strains of flu, so it is always wise to try it out when you start feeling sick.If you have severe or worrisome symptoms, see your doctor right away.

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