A Silver Sol Savings Pack. 12 16 oz Liquid AND 5 20ppm LARGE GEL

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Silver Sol Liquid and Gel Value Pack with FREE PRIORITY Shipping (US destinations only)

12 16oz family size liquid and 5 large gel.

Boost Your Immune System with ONE Silver Solution 10 ppm

  • Backed by Science
  • Protected by US Patents: 7,135,195; 6,743,348; 6,214,299
  • Tested by certified independent laboratories


The Silver Sol Process Makes the Difference...


Through years of testing, our manufacturing team has been able to develop and patent a manufacturing process that created a much more stable silver product. This new silver technology created an engineered silver nano particle making it the best silver product ever created. This new technology is far superior to the older process known as colloidal silver. With both manufacturing processes, the silver particle is inside a water molecule. The older process creates larger particles or particles with jagged edges which cause the particle to break through the water molecule. When the particle breaks through, it can attach itself to tissues inside the human body. Over time, using colloidal silvers can cause a buildup of particles and may become toxic, similar to taking too much Iron and other minerals. This is not the case with the new patented process used with One Silver Solution. The particles are engineered down to nano sized particles with a thin multivalent silver oxide coating and do not break through the water molecule. This allows the particles to travel more efficiently through the body and will be flushed out within approximately forty-eight hours.



  • Patented Silver Sol Process
  • Powerful Technology Creating Advanced Body and Skin Care

One of the outstanding features of the One Silver Gel is its ability to help promote natural healing.
Consumers are reporting incredible results with the products for numerous cosmetic applications. Our team feels 
this product is, in fact, the ultimate skin and body care product ever created. The silver gel product is a cosmetic
gel product that "Helps Promote Natural Healing". The active ingredient is our patented Silver Sol at a powerful
level of 20 ppm of silver. The product is currently being used by many men and women to help promote natural
healing and renew skin all over the body. It has already become a necessary ingredient for many women's daily
skin-care routines, as it helps promote natural healing and instantly makes their skin feel noticeably softer
(within two minutes). The product has some very specific advantages over regular skin care products:

  • Creates an almost instantaneous softening and rejuvenation feeling when applied to the skin.
  • Promotes natural healing and can be used on or in conjunction with any bandage already available in any first-aid medical kit.
  • Has no smell, no alcohol, and needs no refrigeration.
  • Will remain stable from 17N to 113N Fahrenheit.
  • Contains only food grade gelling additives.
  • It is not greasy and if rubbed into the skin, will absorb within two minutes, leaving the skin with a wonderful soft, non-sticky feeling.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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8 Reviews

  • 5
    Silver Sol

    Posted by Dennis W on 5th Mar 2019

    We use silver sol daily...it helps our immune system...

  • 5
    A True Story!

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Jul 2017

    The silver sol liquid and gel are both really great products. The silver sol liquid is great for building your immune system and helps fight sicknesses like, colds, flu and pneumonia. My Brother-in-law recently had a real bad case of pneumonia, antibiotics were not doing him any good. He thought he was dying. My brother told him about silver sol solution and he began taking it, and literally after a day, or two, felt so much better and said, "when he sees by brother, he's going to give him a big kiss!" Now, my brother-in-law is not the kind of person that is a hugger. Also, the silver sol gel is great for cuts and burns. I want to thank you for such great products.

  • 5
    Great Package for Those Who Need Quantity on Hand.

    Posted by Unknown on 19th May 2016

    Great for storage, prepping, and daily use!

  • 5
    I tell everyone about Silver Solution!

    Posted by Ms. Martinez on 3rd Nov 2014

    I have been using these products for two years now. I will not be without them -liquid, gel, and the lozengers.

  • 5
    Always keep it on hand.

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Oct 2014

    This product works miracles for me on feminine infections, cold and all other kinds of bacterial or viral battles by boosting my immune system. I love the fact I don't have to wait for a Dr. appointment, go on possible anti-biotics (which cause me other problems) I recommend it all the time to my friends and family.

  • 5
    Wouldn't Want to be Without it

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Oct 2014

    I have been using SilverSol for several years now; it has been a life saver any time I get an infection of any kind by boosting my immune system. I love not having to schedule a Dr. visit, wait three days for the antibiotics they prescribe to work. I can start getting relief right away.

    I recommend SilverSol to many friends.

  • 5
    My Silver Sol Miracles

    Posted by Jean Kitchen on 31st Jul 2014

    I love this product and have had wonderful results. I would recommend this product to anyone. I have been using this product almost a year. I've had a chronic cough forever and a lot of mucus in my throat (a frog in my throat) and was always trying to clear my throat and just couldn't. The cough and the mucus is gone completely and I can't tell you how wonderful that is. Also, I had horrible sneezing spells and couldn't stop. Now, if I sneeze I immediately put Silver Sol, using the dropper, into my nose and it stops my sneezing instantly. I can't say enough good things about this product.

    I have one more miracle. I have a abscessed tooth that my dentist said, couldn't be saved. My front bridge is connected to it and the hole in my tooth is a "9". Dentist injected a slow release antibiotic into the cavity which cost me $75.00 for just that one injection and I had to go back in 3 weeks to see if it worked. It didn't. That's when I decided to try the Silver Sol 22 ppm. I ordered it and used all three bottles along with brushing my teeth with my toothpaste and Silver Sol Gel mixed in. In a six month period and time for my dental cleaning, my hygienist told me that she has never seen my mouth this healthy, gums weren't bleeding and there was very little plaque, and I asked her how that tooth looked and she said, it's really looking pretty good. That's when I told her about Silver Sol and what I had been doing. I can't afford to loose that tooth and thanks to Silver Sol, I may be able to keep it for quite some time.

    Needless to say, my hygienist was very interested in the product and I gave her your website.

  • 5
    These Are Treasures We Don't EVER Want To Be Without

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Jul 2014

    We ordered (and continue to order large quantities) of Silver Sol and Silver Sol Gel because they are helping us in ways we never imagined they would. Our general health has improved since we started taking Silver Sol (I even put it in our Dog's water bowl) and we use the gel topically and even as a deodorant. Thanks, Silver Sol. Great job!

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