3 Pack Silver Sol 16 oz

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Make sure you have plenty of our powerful silver liquid supplement on hand with a 3-pack of our family-sized bottles of Silver Sol. Silver Sol uses our patented Structured Silver nanoparticles to deliver real silver to your body without the risk of it falling out of solution or building up in your body tissues. Structured Silver coats silver particles in silver oxide then suspends them in water molecules. The result is a stable solution that is safer and easier to make part of your daily care regimen to promote a stronger immune system and better overall wellness.

Great Prices On Premium Silver

Our Silver Sol silver liquid supplement is the most advanced oral silver product available on the market.

  • Each teaspoonful delivers 50mcg of real silver, respected for centuries for its antimicrobial and healing properties.
  • 96 teaspoons per 16-ounce bottle, 288 teaspoons per pack of three.
  • Dosing is easy. An hour before or after a meal, adults should take 1-3 teaspoons daily, while children should take ¼-½ teaspoon daily.
  • You can increase the dosage as needed with this safe, scientifically backed formula.
  • Certified by independent labs for your peace of mind.
  • Two ingredients: deionized water and Structured Silver. 100% vegetarian, gluten-free, and with no artificial additives or preservatives.
  • Three-year shelf life from the date of manufacture when stored at room temperature.
  • Applicable US patents: 7,135,195, 6,743,348, and 6,214,299.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Silver Powered Wellness

Make sure you have plenty of Silver Sol on hand with our specially priced value packs. If you need additional information about any of our products, call our customer service department at 972-221-6161. Order your Silver Sol liquid silver supplement online from Silver Solution USA today.

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13 Reviews

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    Posted by LINDA E. A. on 4th Sep 2019


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    Silver Solutions

    Posted by Sarahjean D. L. on 17th Jul 2019

    It does what I need it for.

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    One Silver Solution

    Posted by Rebekah on 13th May 2019

    I almost always buy three at a time. I don't want to be out of Silver Solution. I consider this as our "First Line of Defense." Especially now a days that you don't know what you're going to get! Antibiotics only bring your Immune system down and make you more susceptible to what's out there. Silver Solution helps your immune system be stronger to fight them off. Good product.

  • 5

    Posted by FRAN A on 6th Apr 2019

    I love this product. Keep it stocked. Having a compromised immune system Silver Sol Solution is a must.

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    Excellent! Can't Be Without It!

    Posted by Rebekah from Virginia on 1st Jul 2017

    This is my first line of defense. This has kept me and my husband from a lot of sickness that's been going around. I'd rather take this anytime than any antibiotic which plays havoc to my immune system . I always recommend this product to everyone I talk to that's suffering from a cold or something. But sadly, a lot of people won't listen.

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    Excellent Product

    Posted by Ava on 31st Jan 2017

    I use Silver Solution for my immune system and any virus or bacterial infections too. My son got cellulites on his leg and we were out of Silver so I did a rush order. Once he started using it, the cellulites started to clear up. He went to the Dr & the Dr was surprised to hear that he'd done the right thing and to continue using it. His Dr agreed that Silver was a good choice.

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    Posted by Unknown on 16th May 2016

    Have used this product far a few years. My doctor says it is a natural biotic and I found it cleared up a tough skin issue within a few weeks. No medications worked. We keep plenty on hand, take it as a daily tonic, especially when exposed to colds and germs out in public.
    We also use the Silver Gel lavishly on the skin. It has helped with 'warts' when nothing else would. Don't plan to ever be without it!

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    Good Product

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Apr 2016

    We have been using Silver now for about 6 mths. It works!! Helps boost immune system. Good for sinus infections. We will continue to use this product!!

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    Silver Solution (AMAZING)

    Posted by Sharon on 1st Apr 2016

    Because of these products, the liquid and the gel, I can honestly say that I have actually prevented a doctor visit by using these products on more than one occasion. Being a diabetic I am prone to infection and by using both the gel and the liquid, these products have helped fend off an infection that would have turned into a doctor visit. The liquid helped get rid of a sinus infection better than anything I've ever used. I cannot say enough about the positive properties of these products! The lozenges are more than amazing. I highly recommend you give Silver Sol products a try. You won't be disappointed.

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    Brought back from the brink of death

    Posted by Thomas Bell on 1st Nov 2015

    A couple of months ago I had 2 cats. The younger one, 8 years old, began throwing up it's food. I had no idea what was causing this and the vet didn't either. She grew skinnier and weaker. Then my older cat, 10 years old, started to refuse to eat and grew frail and skinny. Nothing worked. I sent off for 3 bottles of Silver Sol. Before they arrived my younger cat passed away. Silver Sol arrived and I put 1/2 teaspoon in the water bowl for my older cat and within 3 days she began to eat up to 3 times at day. She has started to gain weight again and shows signs of a full recovery. Thank you for your product.

    I believe that had I acted sooner, I could have saved my younger cat as well.

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    SilverSolution USA Rated #1

    Posted by Thomas Lavigne on 19th Mar 2015

    I use silver solution daily. A sip a day helps keep all illness away. This winter was especially cold in New England and a virus stomach bug came around that was nasty and vicious. My wife, our kids, and our grand kids all got violently ill from the stomach bug/virus. It last for over 48hrs and everyone was throwing up and having dry heaves around the clock. I was very fortunate to be the only one who did not get sick and I know it was because my immune system was boosted by my once a day daily sip of Silver Solution! This actually works and I am grateful for this product and will continue to use it daily. I also recommend the silver sol gel to immediately aid in the healing any skin wounds, rash etc...

  • 5
    I Love my Silver Solution

    Posted by M Stephens on 11th Feb 2015

    Recently came down with a painful ear infection, my first in many years. I put drops in ear, sprayed in nose and throat and drank a spoonful in a glass of water. Ear infection was gone in less than 24 hrs. I LOVE THIS!

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